palais anxiété

If it begins as calm if it begins
If thoughts concentric blossom if the crows
gather if it floods if vision dissolves if then
it pours and caws, which is to say mockingly, if it claws the rib
if empty in the mind’s basket if begins as
if brightly then rottingly, if this then that in chorus begin as if
many headed if selves now gathering now torn if
as if scattered if nerves beneath the street cue the horns
as if sprouting as if a hexerie to speak myself it begins to dissolve if
the instance if inexplicable if picnic if lighting if folly might behave as thought
if if begins as calm if befretted if then glutted
I map it as it overtakes if it floods as if pouring if it speaks
then as myself if I map it as if this then that
in chorus if it begins as canting chorus,
if canny if pallid if brittle I devour all and sing