Brazenhead Review is a literary magazine of new writing that seeks to emphasize substance over clout. As a response to our social media-saturated age, we hope to provide readers the chance to focus on what they read rather than who they read. We read our submissions blind.

The magazine was originally conceived at Brazenhead Books, a speakeasy bookshop in New York City, under the mentorship of its late owner, bookseller, and dear friend, Michael Seidenberg. The first issue appeared in a limited edition print-run in July 2015 to mark the closing of the first iteration of the iconic bookshop and its literary salon.

Anyone and everyone was welcome at Brazenhead Books and Michael was well-known for encouraging open dialogues on myriad topics. The magazine continues in this tradition, in his honor, to channel open-minded, good-humored, and anti-oppressive ways of communicating.

Brazenhead Review is interested in all forms of literature, especially those texts that defy easy definition. We seek subversive work that bends genre norms and explores nuanced themes. 

We invite you to surprise us.

The Editors

“Everyone is someone and no one is anyone. That’s my kind of world and this is my kind of project.”

-Michael Seidenberg, owner of Brazenhead Books


Simona Blat
“Woman Under the Influence”
Creative Director

J.T. Price
“MasterClass Dissident”

Benjamin Aleshire
“Gas Station Sommelier”
Poetry Editor

Rhoni Blankenhorn
“Invisible Worm”
Poetry Editor


Alice M. Ganey
Helen Ruby Hill
David Horowitz
Bartholome St. John
Anna Schwartzman
David Trudo
Mo Zee


Robert Clark
Daniel Sofaer
Susan Terris
George Murphy
Paul Rogers
David Horowitz
Boriana Karastoyanova
John Wray
Joel Hugenberger
Ethan Feuer
Andrew H. Friedman
Michael Dobson
Daniel Taub
Samuel Terris

Our HQ is Black Spring Books.