Nota Bene

The Brazenhead Review was born into print circa 2015, baptized by the internet in 2020, and finally resurrected in 2023. Such is often the plight of an independently run literary magazine in the end times, but to be honest, death is not what it used to be. No good parties. 

So, I am jazzed to see the magazine come back to life! Our new team will feature J.T. Price as editor-in-chief with Benjamin Aleshire and Rhoni Blankenhorn as co-poetry editors, and myself as creative director. 

This new issue #3 will be our final online-only release as we return to our roots and our insufferable want to put more printed matter into the world and in your hands. It goes without saying but it’s worth saying that the act of reading is important to me. It is more important even than the fact of having read.

The Brazenhead Review is a publication that wants to return this purity of abandon, entertainment, and awe back into the reading process. This is why we read and select our contributing work blindly and why we keep the author identities clandestine. I wish for readers to focus on the work - the myriad uses of language, image, tension, idea.

The work in this issue is an exemplar of the brazen choices we look to literature to provide. The kind of stories and poems that are proof of failure, of attempt, of passion, of strangeness, of uncertainty, of conviction, of life. 

I hope you enjoy the work you find in these proverbial pages, and that you stick around for the afterlife. 

Long live Brazenhead!

Simona Blat
EIC, co-founder