Let People Enjoy Things, Said With Menace

My ability to delight was down
for three whole hours last night.
Today I’m playing catchup.

Lately I’ve failed to monetize
all this falling in love I’m doing.
But if a kiss falls in the forest.

The Most Photographed Barn in America
is rebranded as The Museum of Barn.
All they add is the following placard:

                Throughout history
                barns have been

It’s just nice to feel treasured.
Once, a mother & son didn’t like
the condescension of Wonka’s factory

and trying to leave got splattered
like all the rest, no distinction made
between them and the misbehaving others.

To enjoy will always make
an easier way for you, my child.
I know I sound rueful but I’m just tired.

We are safe vegetables in unsafe broth.
We are unsafe astronauts in a safe black hole.
If you fire two guys from cannons

at each other and they meet
in the air, they are technically
one another’s cause of death.